At SHL, we believe it’s our mission to provide flexible financing solutions that will accommodate varying conditions and stages of life. The solutions we provide allow you to own a residence, while taking into consideration variations in your financial status, such as retirement, education fees for your children, and even your commercial projects. None of these conditions may negatively affect your ability to finance your house. Your path toward home ownership with us is EASY with Allah’s blessing. The company has developed different products, which suit all society members. Different people require different plans, and SHL has created products that will benefit each situation.

SHL Investment

Do you want to buy a building with a good income? Are you seeking to purchase an operation that would help you pay for what you purchase? Can you afford at least 40% as an advanced payment? The investment property can generate a private income, which the SHL Company can buy for you, once you provide the first payment. With this option, you can manage the properties that you want to manage, and the profits you'll achieve will be considered paid parts of your personal funding installment; and if you choose, once the contract ends and all the duties have been paid, you will be the official owner of the property.
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