We, at SHL, understand the needs of our customers by not only providing innovative services and products, but also by offering a wide range of payment programs to suit our clients' different circumstances, including:

SHL Plus

Would you love to purchase your own place, but feel pressured to come up with a large down payment on top of large monthly payments? SHL Plus Could Be the Answer to Your Concerns. SHL Plus eliminates this initial pressure from the process by allowing you to create a payment schedule that is less costly during the term and increases later, when you are settled and have a larger salary to contribute. There is no reason to postpone your happiness and be forced to rent until you can save up a large down payment. SHL makes owning a home accessible to you now, so that you can start working on your future in the present. There’s no reason to put your life on hold.

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SHL Extra

Are you worried that committing to such a large expense will turn into a hardship because you’ll be approaching retirement before the term is over? Worried about feeling chained to your job just so you can afford your home? SHL Extra Is the solution for clients with retirement on the horizon. Even if your retirement is still 20 years away, if your term is 30 years, you could run into problems making your payment if your income changes. SHL understands this possibility and therefore has created a financing product that allows you to have a second payment period that starts once you retire. With this plan, there’s no chance that you’ll end up in a situation where your payment is more than you can afford.

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SHL Multi-Unit

Do you own real estate? Do you want to own even more real estate? Do you want to create a passive income stream by continuing to purchase real estate? We understand your unique needs, and have innovative products and payment plans for this specific purpose. The Sahl Multi-Unit Program allows you to own multi-unit real estate property, and makes it possible for you to profit from its revenue in order to increase your monthly income and to increase your funding amount.

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